Border Security

Our borders are not secure no matter what the White House says, our borders are wide open with thousands of people coming across daily. When I become your next Senator, I will work every day to ensure we secure our borders. Without them, we do not have a sovereign nation.

Protecting Our Arizonians

For the past two years we have seen a major drug crisis that is killing hundreds of people in the US per day. All from drugs coming across our un-secure boarders. I will support putting together a fund for law enforcement to build a robust drug unit so we can go after every drug dealer in our state and put them all behind bars.

Election Integrity

In our last two elections we have seen some irregularities in our elections here in Arizona. This has been going on for many years, but it is finally being exposed. It became worse ever since COVID hit and our state release the mail-in ballots for everyone. We must stop all mail-in ballots unless an individual has a qualified reason to receive one. We must remove all electronic voting machines and go back to paper ballots, cleaning up the voter registration list and require voter ID.

Support Law Enforcement

Our law enforcement has been degraded since Obama was in Office. President Trump had restored their image, but within the last few years the Biden administration has completely degraded them to the lowest I have seen in my lifetime. I support our law enforcement 100% and I will fight to ensure they do not get defunded here in the state of Arizona. I will push for them to get all the resources they need and ensure that they get the training and gear they need to do their jobs.

Support Local Rural Fire Departments

I support our local fire departments, as it is a struggle for them to maintain staff and provide services for our rural areas. Many of these firemen and women are paid very low and do not have any healthcare or retirements. This is due to not receiving enough funds from the state. We can’t continue to allow this to happen as they risk their live to save ours. I will seek to do an audit on where all of the funds are being routed to determine why our stations are barely getting enough to staff their stations. After that audit, we can determine any misuse of funds and re-allocate those funds properly.

Eliminating CRT in Our Education System

We have seen in the State of Arizona a big push for Critical Race Theory to be taught at our schools. I will fight to ban this and if any schools do allow this, our funding to them will be stopped. Our children should be educated and not indoctrinated.

Protecting Our Veterans

With many of our veterans who sacrifice so much for us to have our freedoms, our government has forgotten them. Many suffer from medical issues and a lot of them are homeless. Our government cares about immigrants having a place to live moren than our veterans and that is disgraceful. I will stand up for our veterans and find ways to help them get off the streets and get the help that they need. We can no longer let our veterans feel that no one cares about them.

Energy Independence

Energy must be one of our top priority for us in Arizona. There are talks that within the next 10-15 years we will lose 2 coal power plants in our district as they will be shutting them down, and there are no plans to rebuild new ones. So not only are we losing the power that it generates, but the people who work there will lose their jobs. In our small communities this will be devastating as they will have to relocate to other areas for work. I will fight to keep these plants running or make sure there are other power plants in the same area that will be built to replace them. We cannot afford to lose jobs and our power as we will end up like California and rely on other states to provide us the power. This will cost us more to run the electricity at our homes and businesses. I will propose we build more, and be the supplier for California which will allow Arizona to build additional revenue for our state.

Better Highways

Arizona highways in our rural communities are just horrible. They are degrading more and more every snow or rainstorm. I will support allocating additional funds to re-due our state highways by working with the state and local counties. This has to be done as it is costing us citizens a lot of money on damages to our vehicles.